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anti-age line


the hemp line avails of two precious, highly effective natural actives that give the skin a younger look at any age.

hemp oil (from certified biological agriculture) is a product specific for cosmetic treatments being particularly rich in polyunsaturated fat acids and thanks to its excellent content ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

it is featured by moisturising, regenerating and toning properties, and has an excellent affinity with the skin thanks to its lipid components; furthermore it performs a reintegrating and restructuring action, restoring elasticity and softness to dry and de-vitalized skins.

polyphenols-OPC (from certified biological agriculture) extracted from grapes seeds are considered the most powerful anti-oxidant of vegetal origin and therefore they are considered the more efficient active ingredients for the neutralisation of free-radicals**.

They are the fit protection against skin aging, can enhance skin integrity and function, performing a toning and blood vessel protection action.

all the products are:
  nickel tested*
  gluten tested
  free from preservatives, mineral oils, PEG, ethoxylated, silicones and colouring agents
  dermatologically tested
  microbiologically tested

vegetal origin ingredients > 98%

ingredients from certified biological agriculture > 5%

* NICKEL < 0,00001%

** the radicals contained in oxygen (free radicals) are very unstable molecules etching cellular elements necessary for skin integrity and function, such as collagen, elastin, fat acids, relentlessly causing degenerative processes on skin that turn into loss in tone, elasticity and softness, and cause the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.


foaming facial cleansing 150 ml
for all kind of skins

3 in 1 active cleanser - make-up remover - toning lotion 200 ml
for all kind of skins

moisturizing anti-age face cream 24h. 50 ml
normal and combination skin

hydro-nourishing anti-age face cream 24h. 50 ml
dry and sensitive skins

anti-wrinkle soothing face cream 24h. 50 ml
mature and toneless skins

lifting serum 30 ml
firming anti-wrinkle repair serum

body gommage 200 ml

anti-cellulite cream 200 ml
restructuring, firming

firming cream 200 ml
anti-age toning

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