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Berryland is a firm tied to the Production of Natural Cosmetics but above all ecological cosmetics. The personnel is composed by Experts in Natural Cosmetics that realize products of beauty, natural herbalist's products and natural cosmetic products for the pharmacy and the herbalist's shop. Phito-Cosmetics and Aromatherapy only some of our fields of interest, all united by the respect for the environment obtained through the use of raw materials and active principles of exclusive vegetable origin, as well as bottles pots and material for packing of low environmental impact (plasticses that don't contain derived chlorinated in PE, PETG and glass) all to recycle. Our products are realized with handicraft care and endowed with the most advanced technology. Accurate controls are effected both on the raw materials and on the finished product with the purpose to assure the maximum quality of the product. Performed cutaneous test, on voluntary healthy, have shown that the Berrylands products are not irritating for the skin

Berryland is a firm tied to the Production of Natural Cosmetics

our natural cosmetic products are ecological because product in the respect for the environment, with handicraft care and advanced technology.

freshly fragrant alcohol-free perfumes and deodorants,
soft and velvety creams for body and face,
perfumed natural essence shower gels,
effective treatments for skin care.

Berryland products aim at the beneficial results obtained from officinal plants, essential oils and natural fragrances for the health and wellbeing of body and mind.

all ours products of beauty, natural herbalist's products, natural cosmetic products, phito-cosmetics and aromatherapy products are realized with accurate controls that assure maximum quality. cutaneous test show that products are not irritating.

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